Learn all about the parts of the Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair

The Rear Harness

Our unique harness system offers flexibility and comfort.

rear harness for a walkin wheels do wheelchair

Neoprene supported by nylon webbing and high-impact plastic clips supports the back end of the dog. The neoprene is a special kind of 'wetsuit' material that can be cut, if necessary, to avoid sensitive areas of the dog and allow free elimination.

Depending on the size of the dog, there may be a great deal of extra strap left over. Excess strap may be cut. The ends can be sealed with a candle or lighter to prevent fraying.

The clips that attach the harness to the wheelchair have round loops at the end for easy attachment/detachment. Also, we sell 24'' long handles that can be clipped to these loops to help carry the dog when he is not in the wheelchair.

The size of the harness is determined by the girth of one back leg. If the dog's leg is too big around to fit into the leg-holes of the harness then the harness is too small.

The Front Harness

The front harness goes around the neck of the dog, with another strap (red) that clips underneath the belly.


The shoulder pad (A) is made of neoprene and keeps the straps and buckles from causing discomfort for the dog. The red strap (B) goes underneath the belly and holds the front harness securely in place. Neoprene sleeves wrap around the straps for the dogs comfort.

The ONLY difference between the large and small front harness is the neoprene sleeves. The front harness with the longer neoprene sleeves (C) is the "Large front harness." The same front harness with the half-size neoprene sleeves is the small harness.

The Parts of the Dog Wheelchair

Frame of the dog wheelchair  Frame:
The Frame itself is powder-coated aluminum. It will not bend, break, or rust. The molded plastic knuckles attach to the frame and legs in such a way so they cannot possibly slip. 360 degrees of 'teeth' hold the knuckle in place at every point.
On the side of the knuckle, a spring-loaded turning cap allows you to loosen the knuckle and swivel the legs up.
back connector of the dog wheelchair Width Connectors:
The width connector connects the left and right side of the frame together. If the width of your dog is 5 - 9 1/2 inches, you will use the smaller back connector. 9 - 14 inches will need the longer connector. Don't worry though, the "Cart Wizard" will choose the correct size for you when you get to our shopping cart to buy a walkin' wheels.
alt  Length Extenders:
The length extender connects the front harness to the cart. The length extenders are adjustable. However there are two different sizes. If your animals length is 15-26 inches you will need the larger extender, If the animal is 9-19 inches you will need the smaller extender.
alt Struts: 
The struts are what the wheels are attached to and then connect to the cart. The struts are adjustable, but please remember you still need to do the measurements.  The way to measure for the strut is from the fold of the flank (the skin flap that joins the rear leg to the abdomen) to the floor. The struts come in 4 different sizes. They range from  6 inch to a 13 inch strut. Please look at the mesurement page to see what range your animal will fit into.
The 3 tires you see in this picture are foam filled tires. They come in 3 different sizes. Small, Medium, Large. Don't worry though, by doing the measurements of the Fold of Flank to the floor, this will help you choose what size strut and tire you need.
  dog wheelchair cart wheels
The 2 tires you see in this picture are pneumatic air filled. They come in 2 different sizes. 12 inch wheels and the 16 inch. Don't worry though, by doing the measurements of the Fold of Flank to the floor, you choose what size strut and tire you need
 handles help you lift the dog in the harness  Walkin Wheels Handles:
Our Walkin’ Wheels rear harness becomes a handy lifting sling when you attach these adjustable straps. Great for helping dogs around when they are not in the cart. Easy on your back too! Safe and easy to use
 Dog wheelchair stirrups hold up the feet of the dog Stirrups:
These are the stirrups, and they come with every cart order. These are used to keep your animal's back feet from dragging on the ground or if the legs are paralyzed or weak.
They come in two sizes Small and Large. Don't worry though, the Cart Wizard will choose what size you will need.
 dog wheel chair instructions The Manaul:
It comes with every cart order, and has very easy step by step instructions on how to put your cart together. We also have an instructional video on the website as well.
 Tote bag to carry the wheelchair  Tote Bag:
When Purchasing your Walking Wheels, this white frost tote bag comes included.

This tote bag is ideal for transporting your walking wheels, and also makes easy storage.
 alt Belly Belt:
Belly Belt will help support your dog back. Highly recommended for:
1. Dog with long Backs
2. Overweight or Elderly Dogs.
3. Dogs with curvature of the spine.