Digit on Wheels: Little Dog, Big Personality

Hello Alyssa,

Digit is a little miracle. The Walkin Wheels Mini has been a blessing. At first he was a little freaked out by the thing on his back, but he started moving, and when he did, his tail went straight up and wagged. Only his second day in his wheels and he chased his laser toy! After three weeks, Digit met us one morning at our bedroom door standing on his own and wagging his tail. For the last week his condition has improved so much. He is still a little wobbly, but he is now walking, running, doing his business normal, and trying to have his way with the cats just like he used to. He does walk like he just left a bar at 3 a.m., but it is progress! Yesterday he even leaned back on his hind end and said please for his treat. We haven't seen that one in months. I fully credit the Mini Walking Wheels, a super vet, and tons of love and patience for his getting better.

He got really wild in his wheels, chased a cat and did some drifting in the gravel, sliding sideways when he turned. It was hilarious. He chased the mail carrier and my daughter had to run him down, he was moving fast! We put him in his Walkin' Wheels for some for exercise, but he wont quit trying to be normal, which is great. We are hoping he will not need them soon and maybe we can pass them on to another furbaby that could use them. We are praying hard for a full recovery. We did not have much hope when we first found out he couldn't walk. Watching him pull himself and drag his back end was heartbreaking. Seeing him pick up that little butt and fight the way he has, has turned it all to joy. Digit and his wheels have given us lots of hope and inspiration, he is very entertaining anyway, but even more so in his wheels. I am attempting to put some videos we have of him together and make a good one. I will send a copy as soon as possible. Thank you so much for checking in with him, it means the world to him and his humans! GO DIGIT GO!!!!!!!!

- Keith

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