Testimonials for Dog Wheelchairs

Jorgensen Labs and Walkin Wheels

veterinarian approved dog wheelchair
"We have thoroughly tested and evaluated the Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair and found it to be an excellent solution for dogs with leg and back problems as a permanent device for assisting mobility during recovery.

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Adapting to the Dog Cart

On a recent survey of Dog Wheelchair Owners we asked:


Did the dog adapt quickly to the Dog Wheelchair? What tips would you have for a first time user of the dog wheelchair to get the dog used to it?

Here are some of the answers we received.

Golden - She adapted pretty quickly A few treats come in handy. [Yup! It's a Golden!]

French Bulldog - It took him a month or two. He still cannot use it in the grass because his front muscles aren't built up enough to pull himself. He also cannot use it in the house because he hits legs of chairs, tables, etc and gets caught. Tips: Start out by using it outdoors in an open space. I started in the house and he ran into the table and it scared him. It took a long time for him to not be frightened of it. Use treats as a reward for moving a inches, then feet, etc. He will eventually get used to it.

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