Duffy "Rolls Through the Hood" in Walkin' Wheels

Duffy in Walkin' WheelsThis is Duffy, my 14 year old Great Pyrenees / Shepherd mix. The minute we put him in the Walkin Wheels, he found he could move and we were off to the races! We have had these wonder wheels for only a short time and he always wants to be out and about.. We go out every day, rain or shine. If I try to skip a day, he won't eat and lays beside his wheels and gives me sad looks. He loves being out and socializing with all the neighbors. We roll through the hood at a pretty good clip. Since I use a cane for balance- I am sure we make a picture while out together- I have to slow him down sometimes. Those front legs are getting so strong!.

As you can see, Duffy is having a ball. In telling family about how happy Duffy is, my Mother said she thinks his human is just as happy. At almost fifteen, I don't know how much time we have together, but the wheels have surely added time and quality. I am so thankful to have these for him. Duffy loves his wheels, I love Duffy, so we are both happy!

Thank you for keeping us mobile,
Marcia K Rock


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