Great Dane Loves his Dog Wheelchair

Saturday, Long John Hunter, New Jersey. A Certified Therapy Dog

Took him to the beach - low tide, hard sand. He was so happy I wanted to cry! All your time talking and working with me paid off!! Wait 'til you see the pictures and videos. This dog dove into the water - he never does that. He boldly pranced up to a pack of dogs running around like crazy, he never does that. He usually is very leery of going into the water, I think he is afraid of falling and losing his balance. He also usually grumbles when an active dog approaches him - he has been broadsided and knocked over by playful dogs before. 'This time, they all took one look at him and turned around and ran! I think they never seen such a large dog with wheels before!!

Friday night we went to the E.R. at the hospital and it was extra busy, so even with lots of sit on me breaks, (resting his hips on my lap) he was wiped out. As we were leaving he saw a treat in my hand and tried to sit for it and almost fell over he was so tired. Today at the beach he was in his wheels for well over an hour and when we got back to the car he picked up one leg to tinkle like a man. He has not done that in at least a year! I thought we might have over done it, but when I saw that I almost died. Walking on the beach without the wheels lately he is good for about ten minutes and wants to lay down.

Great Dane on the beach in Wheelchair

We got the beach back! He LOVES the beach, it is easy on his front foot with the missing toe and the wheels seem to dig in and work the best there. Even if we accomplish only this it has all been worth it.

Long John in his dog wheelchair

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