Only One, Approximate Measurement is Needed.

In the past, fitting a dog for a wheelchair required up to 13 exact measurements. The walkin' Wheels requires only one approximate measurement, height of the dog, so we can choose the correct wheel size and strut. If the measurement is off, then we will ship you a replacement wheel and strut that you can snap in without tools. Our Cart Wizard will choose the correct dog wheelchair.

Dog Wheelchair

Walkin' Wheels is available for Medium and Large Size Dogs. In general, this includes dogs from 20 to 200 lbs. depending on the type and build of the dog. For Dogs 20 lbs and under click here.

Our Cart Wizard will help you build the dog wheelchair you need.

All you need to do to is:
1 - Answer a  few questions
2 - Choose the approximate length of the back legs (Fold of the Flank to Ground).
3 -
Our wizard will help you select the correct wheel and strut size
4 - Select your wheel and strut size in the pull down menu
5 - Add to Cart


Guidelines To fit into the Walkin' Wheels:
Length of the dog from the back of the front leg to the back of the rear leg needs to be between 9 and 26 inches.
Height of the dog, Fold of the Flank to Ground needs to be between 6 and 25 inches. 

The height of the dog is needed so we can select the correct wheel and strut. It snaps in and can be easily changed.

This picture shows where a dog's fold of the flank (FOF) is. If you have a long-haired dog, you can locate the fold of the flank by pushing the hair back and feeling for the fold of flank skin.

If your dog can stand, use a metal retractable tape measure or yardstick, place it in front of his rear foot/toes and measure straight up to the bottom edge of fold of the flank.
If your dog cannot stand, you can measure the fold of the flank when he is lying on his side. In order to get an accurate measurement, position the dog's rear leg in a normal standing position: knee joint and hock joint will be slightly bent. Bend the dog's foot at his ankle (like it would be if he was standing on his foot). Do NOT stretch the dog's leg and foot out as this will add several inches to the fold of flank and give you an inaccurate measurement. In this picture the yardstick shows a FOF of 18 inches.


The cart wizard will select from: 

A=Between 8 and 11", you will get  6" Strut with 4" wheels  (up to 65 lbs )
B=Between 12 and 15 ", you will get 9" Strut with 8" wheels  (up to 65 lbs)
C=Between 15 and 18", you will get 12” Strut with 8" wheels  (up to 65 lbs)

(OVER 65 LBS.)
D=Between 17 and 20",  you will get 12" Strut with 12" wheels (over 65 lbs. )
E=Between 19 and 22 ",  you will get 12" Strut with 16" wheels (over 100 lbs.)
E=Between 22 and 25 ", you will get , 15" Strut with 16" wheels (over 100 lbs.)
For active dogs, "Mountain-bike Style" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tires are available as an option for:
D=12" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tires, you will select 9" or 12" or 15" strut 

E=16" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tires, you will select 12" or 15" strut




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