Lucy is Greedy for Treats and Her Canine Wheelchair

Lucy has a trailing left hind leg which is becoming progressively worse most probably due to degenerative neuropathy. She is not in pain but lacks strength and balance and falls many times. Besides that, her trailing paw is prone to many abrasions and cuts. I tried helping her with traction boots which at least protect from the abrasions but as regards balance it didn't help much.
Lucy with wheelchair and family

That's only one of Lucy's problems; she was found by my girlfriend, Therese, 3 years ago in the street with a severe chest infection for which she now requires daily inhalers and bronchodilator pills. She has to eat moist food as she has mildly impaired swallowing reflex, cataracts and breast lumps. Nevertheless, she is always so happy and full of life and it kills me denying her the ability to walk properly.

That's where the wheelchair came in. She immediately got used to it with food reinforcement as she is very greedy! She is now able to walk long distances (20m- for her its a lot). Its great because it doesn't occupy a lot of space, very user friendly to set up, practical as you can adjust the height and she can do her needs without any difficulty at all. God forbid, if both of her hind legs eventually become out of use, there's always the suspending hind leg loops which I can use. It's really the best tool any dog lover could ever have.

So thanks again and keep doing a good job for all pets out there.
Mark from Malta

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