MAX, German Shepherd, Loved his Dog Wheelchair

What a Godsend!

Max received his new wheels on Thursday, May 4th.

We hooked him up right away and sent him outside to enjoy the world. At first, he would not go to the bathroom in it, but by Friday evening, this was no longer a problem.

We adjusted the cart to fit different needs that we were seeing. After a few days, we noticed that the rear bar was too wide. I called you guys and you were gracious to send me a smaller bar at no charge. That worked wonderful.

Note: The smaller bar is now included with all purchases of Walkin' Wheels.

I would come home everyday at lunch just so I could put him in his wheels and let him roam for 20-30 minutes until I had to go back to work. On nice days, I would leave him outside on a blanket so he could enjoy the weather. If the weather was questionable, I would bring him back into the house.

Max got so used to his wheels that he would start whining when he knew you were getting ready to hook him up. Sometimes it was hard to keep him still because he was so excited. Max even got to the point where he would play ball and chase after our grand-dog Zoey, who would steal the ball from him. What a sight to see!

One morning after eating his breakfast, I left Max outside until I finished making lunches. All of a sudden, I heard his tags jingling. I went to the door and there he was. He had rolled up the ramp to our deck and decided on his own that he was ready to come back in.

It was amazing at all the activities that he could do in such a short period of time. We never left him unattended while in his wheels. I always had an eye on him, just like a small child. Those are memories our family will never forget.

Unfortunately, Max passed away on May 24th due to his spinal arthritis attacking his vital organs.

Even though Max only had his wheels for 20 days, they were the best 20 days we could have ever given him. Our grand-dog is a German Shepherd also so we plan to put Max's wheels away for a day when Zoey might need them.

I hope not, but you never know. I have recommended your wheels to many people.

Thank you so much for designing such a wonderful set of wheels.



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