Reselling Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Dog Wheelchair wins top prize  

How you can sell Pet Age Magazine's BEST PRODUCT in your store, clinic, or pet care facility.

The fully adjustable, folds flat Walkin' Wheels is the only dog wheelchair that can be sold in stores, veterinary clinics, and other professional pet facilities. Customers purchase one universal frame and a snap-in wheel kit based on the height of their dog. Everything they need including a "How To" video DVD is included.


Choose the program the best fits your business model:

  1. Affiliate. Put a banner on your website and receive 10% when someone purchases.
  2. Referral, for Veterinarians and Pet Care Professionals. Receive 20% and a free listing on our FIND A VET page.
  3. Stocking Reseller. Keep in stock for walk-in sales, rentals, and more. Buy a Reseller kit or Initial Stocking Order. Information Below.

To become part of our stocking reseller program, please fill out our dealer application form and send it to us by email or fax. Or just call us at (888) 811-7387

Dealer Agreement Form (PDF)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax (603) 589-7107

Existing Resellers and Dealers, Click here to log in to our Reseller's page.

The Professional Kit:

Stores, Clinics, and Pet care facilities that want to keep a dog wheelchair on hand for sale or for internal use will get a Professional Kit. This includes:

1 - Med Frame
1 - LFR
1 - Mini Cart
1 - 9X8 mini wheel kit
1 - 10" mini connector
1 - 6X4 wheel kit
1 - 9X8 wheel kit
1 - 12X8 wheel kit
1 - 9X12 wheel kit
1 - 12X12 wheel kit
1- 12X16 wheel kit

To use, select the correct size wheel kit, snap it into the frame, and fit to the dog. Each Wheel Kit is clearly marked with the correct size. You can reorder only the parts you use so you always have a complete kit on hand.

Your Margin: over $100 per wheelchair
Dealer Cost (25% discount): $1,051.00 plus shipping
Retail Value: $1,402.00
dog wheelchair professional kit


For Stocking Dealers:

Larger retail outlets and veterinary care facilities that specialize in mobility issues appreciate the advantages of our stocking dealer program. With this, you will have everything you need fill orders, regardless of size of the dog.

The Stocking Dealer Kit includes:

3 - Med Frame
2 - LFR
2 - Mini Cart
2 - 9X8 mini wheel kit
2 - 10" mini connector
2 - 6X4 wheel kit
2 - 9X8 wheel kit
2 - 12X8 wheel kit
2 - 9X12 wheel kit
2 - 12X12 wheel kit
2- 12X16 wheel kit

Our generous stock-balancing program guarantees you'll never be overstocked on a slow-moving size, while having sufficient stock to meet your customers needs.

Your Margin: over $120 per wheelchair.
Dealer Cost (30% discount): $2,214.66 plus shipping
Retail Value: $3,163.80.00

Call to become a Stocking Dealer

Dog Wheelchairs sold in stores
To order, please call our dealer sales department at
(888) 811-7387

Stock Balancing: Unused frames and wheel kits may be returned for exchange and credit if unsold. Customer returns, if any, can be easily refurbished for resale.
Help and Support: Wheels for Pets, LLCs or its agents may, at its option, agree to provide help and support to your customers. Reseller understands that such support may involve our recommendation that the product be returned to the place of purchase.  In the event that we make such a recommendation, the reseller is responsible for satisfying the customer. See complete terms.
Marketing Restrictions: Walkin' Wheels (TM) is a trademark of Wheels for Pets, LLC. Resellers agree to honor this mark and use the (TM) symbol where the tradename is used. Resellers agree to use this name when marketing this product. If search engine pay-per-click advertising is utilized as a marketing method, resellers agree not to bid on trademarked names or name which can easily be confused with trademarked names. Resellers agree not to purchase and use domain names that could be mistaken for the trademarked name.
Promotional Material: Reseller is invited to use promotional material from our website and family of websites including photos, video, customer comments, and more. Upon the termination of the reseller agreement, reseller agrees to remove all materials from their website.Other conditions apply, see Dealer Agreement.