Sammy Goes for a Walk in his Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair!


Sammy is our 6.5 yr old male - about a year and a half ago he lost use of his back legs. We followed doctors’ instructions and kept him in a crate, limiting his movement, steroids, pain killers, etc - with no luck. He’s still a happy boy, and fortunately our house is mostly tile, so he can scoot himself around pretty well just allowing his back end to slide around behind him. About 6 months ago, we got a set of your wheels for him, and within 5 minutes of being in the wheels, he was running up and down the hallway in the house (chasing the liver treats I was throwing for him!). He loves going out for a walk now, and walks proud, not even seeming to notice (or care) that he’s got these wheels instead of functioning legs. Your product is great - very well built, great instructions, and a good value for the quality. You don’t just sell wheels - you sell freedom for our pups who are limited.

Our other dog who you can see in the videos is Maggie - she’s the red dachshund/chihuhua mix - she has a condition called “rubber puppy syndrome” - it’s a congenital issue that is basically a collagen deficiency. It results in their soft tissue losing elasticity - things like tendons, ligaments, skin. .. so her paws have basically ‘collapsed’ and she walks on her ‘wrists’ - so we don’t let her walk too far, she’s ok getting around inside the house, but if we go out for a walk, she gets carried.

Both Sammy and Maggie are rescues, they both seemed fine when we got them and their issues developed over time - but we love the heck out of them and wouldn’t give them up for the world!

Thanks for providing such a great product to help dogs like Sammy stay mobile!!

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