Sybil and Pug Friends Appreciate Walkin' Wheels

Sorry it has taken me so long to send a picture of Sybil in her "rig."

When we first were strapping Sybil into her Small Walkin' Wheels, she took offPugs running and doing circles before we had even done up all the buckles. She fully understood that the wheels were her road to freedom and to be able to go back to the dog park with her gang (my other four Pugs). Every day for the first two weeks, I bawled like a baby when I was putting her in her wheels because she - and me - were so thrilled that she could once again run with the others.

Since then, she has gone to the dog park every day and is often out front leading the pack, just like in her pre-DM days.

I cannot thank your company enough for giving Sybil her life back. And yes, I've stopped crying, but I'm still thrilled every day to see her in the park, doing her thing.


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