Thank You Walkin Wheels!!!! (Video)

Turner is the best dog in the entire universe (maybe I’m just a touch biased). Turner is a 15 year old German Shepherd who is full of life and vigor but who’s back legs simply don’t work anymore. In almost every house on my block lives 1 or more wonderful dogs. My Turner’s favorite thing in the world to do is to go on walks with his dog friends. For several months however, Turner has had to just lay in his front yard and bark as his friends walk past.

Walkin Wheels has brought back Turner’s biggest joy!!!

I received the Walkin Wheels on Thursday (1 day early!). That night my next door neighbor (who is good with tools) put together Turner’s Walkin Wheels in about 15 minutes. On Friday I was just trying to figure out how best to hook up Turner and before I had him completely hooked up he just took off walking. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

The 2nd time in his Walkin Wheels Turner took off RUNNING down the street after one of his dog friends. Today is his 3rd day with his wheels and he has had 5 walks so far. I have limited the length of these walks because of the heat and so we don’t overdo it but I have to force Turner to turn around to end his walks. This morning he started pulling himself towards the front door and whining when I brought out his Walkin Wheels. I couldn’t get it on him fast enough, even though it literally took me less than a minute (by myself) to get him hooked up.

Attached is a short video of Turner in his Walkin Wheels walking with his next door neighbor.

Thank You, thank you, thank you Walkin Wheels!!!!

Rosemary and Turner

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