Front Wheel Attachment for the Walkin' Wheels.

For dogs with weakness in all four limbs, use the Walkin' Wheel Front Wheel Attachment. This attractive and functional set of caster wheels will allow a dog with decreasing mobility of the front legs to get the exercise it needs.

The Front Wheel Attachment may take a few days to ship.

Please Note: We currently only offer the front wheel attachment for medium and large carts, the front wheel attachment is currently not compatible with the Walkin' Wheels Mini Dog Wheelchair.


walkin' wheels front wheeled dog wheelchair

Attaches easily to any medium or large Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.

(Front wheels for the Walkin' Wheels Mini are coming soon)

  • Fully adjustable – accommodates any dog from 20 to 150 pounds.
  • Simple to measure – all you need to know is the  Strut and Wheel size of your Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair to order your front wheels.
  • Can be ordered with the wheelchair or added later. 
  • Large, Industrial quality 360 degree bearing casters for complete directional mobility.
  • Padded chin rest for comfort and safety.

Available April 1. Cost $199.00

Strut Wheel Size
6" 4" WWFE-0604
6" 8" WWFE-0608
9" 8" WWFE-0908
12" 8" WWFE-1208
9" 12" WWFE-0912
12" 12" WWFE-1212
12" 16" WWFE-1216
15" 16" WWFE-1516
How to Measure Struts How to Measure Wheels
Take a tape measure and measure from each end of the Walkin' Wheels strut. Measure the diameter of the wheel as shown above.

Here are a few more pictures of Pugsy using his walking wheels. I am sooooo soooooo happy with your product. Today was a gorgeous day here in New York so I had Pugsy out a few times. I got stopped twice today and each time the people said the same thing, "it's so great that they make things like that." One woman said those are some fancy wheels. If it weren't for your product my little guy would be laying around all day. So I want to THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN. Pugsy loves his walking wheels. He loves to go out for his walks.   -Cynthia