Walkin' Wheels Large

Big help for our big friends from 70 to 180 lbs.

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Large Dog Wheelchair in Snow


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  • Overview of Features

    • Colors: Available in Pink or Blue or Camo
    • Fitting: Adjustable, changes as your dog's health changes
    • Sizing: Ideal for dogs from 70 to 180 lbs (31-68kg)
      Comfort: Dogs can go to the bathroom in the wheelchair
    • Shipping: Overnight shipping available
    • Handling: Typically Ships same day

    • Easy to resell because it can be adjusted and used on any dog.
      Highly customizable with add-ons and accessories.

Big dogs can make huge strides.

Dogs need exercise to maintain their health, even if their mobility is restricted. The Walkin' Wheels Large is specifically designed with our big friends in mind and gives them the mobility and freedom they deserve. Whether your dog weighs 70 lbs or 180 lbs, the fully adjustable Walkin' Wheels comes to the rescue. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy for you to carry and is strong enough for even the biggest dogs to use.

Big Dogs With Huge Strides

Four-wheel support available.

Add wheels when you need them. The front wheel attachment can be added to any Walkin' Wheels wheelchair, even if you already have Walkin' Wheels. This fully adjustable wheelchair has the flexibility to adapt to your dog's health, even if his health should decline. If your dog needs the full support of 4 wheels, simply add the front wheel attachment during checkout. Additional accessories are also available.

Walkin Wheels Large Quad Dog Wheelchair

Rolling over obstacles in a big way.

Empower your dog. Maintain his/her health by providing exercise using the Walkin' Wheels. Going to the bathroom is no longer a chore - the Walkin' Wheels enables dogs to do their business without restrictions or mess. If the dog's rear legs are paralyzed, stirrups will prevent the rear legs from dragging. Thousands of dog's lives have been transformed by Walkin' Wheels. To see what customers have to say, check out their testimonials.

Walkin Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair in the Snow

Order yours today.

Walkin' Wheels is easy to order. All you need is one approximate measurement. 
Use our Wheelchair Wizard to ensure a perfect fit for any kind of dog.

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Easy ordering using our wizard.
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From just $159

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