Mini Walkin Wheels | Wheelchairs for Small Dogs & Doxies

The Walkin' Wheels Mini for Small Dogs is easy to adjust and simple to use. Here's how it works.

The Walkin' Wheels Mini for Small Dogs comes with a full set of instructions that shows how to fit your dog and get him used to the cart. The complete manual can be downloaded here: THE MANUAL. This page, though, gives you the basics. The SHORT/LONG LEG adjustment video is at the bottom of this page.

Parts of a Walkin Wheels Mini

A - The Wheelchair Frame with the Leg Rings Installed (they are not installed as delivered - you'll need to snap them into place)

B - 4" Foam Tires (8" Tires available on request)

C - Front Harness with Comfort Sleeves (you may want to remove these while fitting)

D - Stirrups, use of these are optional.

E - For wider Dogs, a extra-length (6") width extender.

F - "Cup" screws and Allen wrench for stability.

G - Belly Belt, use of this is optional. It give some middle support for heavier or longer dogs.


Because of it's unique design and compact size, the Mini Walkin Wheels is easy to transport.  It does not fold or come with a Tote Bag (only the regular cart is designed to fold and has the tote bag to carry it around.)


Inserting Dog Wheelchair Wheels

Insert the wheels. If you can't depress the snap-button with your fingertip, use a pen or the Allen key.

Adjust the width of the dog wheelchair

Adjust the width of the dog wheelchair. For extra wide dogs, use the 6" width connector.

Adjust the length of the dog wheelchair

Adjust the length of the dog wheelchair. Just push the snap button with your fingertip or any sharp object.

Assembled Dog Wheelchair

Here's how the front harness snaps in. It's easy to put on your dog if you remember that the red strap goes under the dog.



If you need the stirrups, they clip on the back.

belly belt dog wheelchair

The belly belt can be used, if needed, to support the belly and chest of longer dogs.

Stabilize the Dog Wheelchair

Secure the length Extender. The Cup screw is used to secure the cart in the correct position.


Wheel Cup Screw

Secure the wheels.

Secure the dog wheelchair frame

The cup screws in the back take all the 'wobble' out of the cart.

Dog in a wheelchair

YAY!! I'm walking again!

This video shows how to adjust the Walkin' Wheels Mini from the SHORT LEG to the LONG LEG position