Twig Loves Being Back on the Trails

Update on Twig - she has done super with her Walkin wheels! She took to the chair right away and is now enthusiastic when we slip her harness on! Snow came early this year and we spend a lot of time outside. The chair was a little tough on the trails in the deep snow. So, my husband fashioned a set of skis based on a design he saw online. Anyhow, it works pretty good!

Twig just loves being back on the trails with us! We could not be happier with our decision to purchase a Walkin Wheels! Thank you for such a great product. I work at a vet clinic and can confidently recommend Walkin Wheels to our clients and share Twig's success with the doctors. Some were quite skeptical in the beginning.

Thanks again and please consider creating a ski attachment!

- Mindy Moore

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