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Thank you for visiting Handicappedpets.com at the 2013 North American Veterinary Conference, and for your interest in our products. Here is the information you wanted:

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Our Veterinarian Referral Program

20% Referral Fee with listing on our website – When you verify your contact information, we will list you on our website (we have an audited visitor count of over 60,000 per month). Local customers will see this listing and call you. All you need to do is fill in one of our individually numbered veterinary referral cards (we already mailed your some). They’ll order directly from us and we will send your commission. If you haven’t received the cards, please call (603) 577-8854 or REPLY to this email.

One thing to note, since you may have potential new clients calling you for assistance with their pets, it is recommended to have your entire staff be familiar with how the program works. This way, if a potential client calls they don't speak with an uninformed staff member on the phone, they don’t inadvertently get sent away. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist with training in any way or if you have any questions about the program. We look forward to working with you!


Would you like to make Dog Wheelchair-related materials available your customers? We have counter cards, wind-up toys, magazines, and more. You can request them by replying to this email or online at this address: http://walkinwheels.com/dog-wheelchair-veterinarians.html


Our line of veterinary splints are comfortable, easy to use, and inexpensive: from $34 - $49. Six sizes each for front and rear. This is 50% off our advertised price so you can resell them to clients. They come packaged for retail. To order, please reply to this email or use this link: http://www.walkinwheels.com/walkin-wheels-dog-splints.html. We will need to set you up as a veterinarian/dealer to get the 50% off.

Other Products, Services, and Support

HandicappedPets.com is the largest community of its type. Our best-selling Walkin’ Wheels adjustable wheelchair is sold worldwide with over 60,000 registered Facebook fans attesting to how well they work. To learn more, please visit our website or call is at (603) 577-8854.


Yvonne Driscoll
Veterinary Outreach Specialist
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888 – 811 – 7387 ext. 118

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