The Walkin' Wheels Bootie Splint

The Walkin' Wheels Bootie Splint will support the lower aspect of the rear limb. This brace extends under the paw to stabilize digit or toe injuries, and provides positioning for knuckling or nerve damage problems. 

bootie splint two straps two straps
X-Small, Small & Medium sized Bootie Splints include two adjustment straps. The Large & X-Large sized Bootie Splints include three adjustment straps.

Sizing information: Price
X-Small Dog: For dogs 10-25 lbs. $53.42
Small Dog:  For dogs 25-40 lbs. $53.66
Medium Dog: For dogs 40-65 lbs. $63.84
Large Dog: For dogs 65-85 lbs. $79.46
X-Large Dog: For dogs 85-120 lbs. $79.46

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