Canine and Feline Splints for Veterinarians

walkin wheels rear dog splint

The Walkin’ Wheels splints for cats and dogs provide support and stability for weakness in the lower aspect of the front or rear limbs resulting from injury or illness.

Walkin' Wheels canine and feline splints feature a sturdy yet comfortable design that encourages weight bearing movement by keeping the pet's affected limb in a natural walking position.

The Walkin’ Wheels splint kit for professional use is available for purchase by veterinarians for $487.70

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Available in a full range of sizes to accommodate different breeds and variations in height and weight, the Walkin’ Wheels pet splints are ideal for providing:

walkin wheels dog splint• Support for fractures or sprains

• Stabilization for weakness associated with arthritis or injuries to tendons or ligaments

• Protection against knuckling due to nerve damage or paralysis

• Immobilization during post operative recovery or for rehabilitative treatment



The Walkin’ Wheels splint kit for professionals includes both the six (6) front and the six (6) rear splints to fully accommodate all sizes of dogs and cats in need of support for the lower aspect of the front or rear limbs.



The canine and feline splints come in six (6) different sizes ranging from XXS to XL for the front and rear limbs. 
xxsmall walkin wheels dog splint xsmall walkin wheels dog splint medium walkin wheels dog splint large walkin wheels dog splint xlarge walkin wheels dog splint
XXSmall XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge