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We provide products, services, and support to the caretakers of elderly, injured, and special needs pets.

In 2001, Mark C. Robinson founded Inspired by the death of his pet Mercedes, a Keeshond who suffered from epilepsy and ultimately had to be put to sleep, Mark decided there must be other options. Support and information was needed for owners of elderly, injured and handicapped pets. He created a site in memory of Mercedes that provides products, services as well as information.   

Our Mission:
To provide an alternative to ending a pet’s life so that elderly, handicapped, and injured pets can continue to lead happy, healthy, high-quality lives. To offer products, services and information to enable owners to care for their pets.

A Letter from Walkin' Pets by Founder:
To All Pet Lovers and Caretakers,

The day when a pet, whether injured, lame, incontinent or otherwise impaired had to be put down, has at last come to an end.

We have evolved to a new level of awareness of the sacredness of all life, and of the powerful bond between caregiver and pet. Our pets are cherished members of our family, deserving of the same love and respect we give our children. Our mission at Walkin' Pets by is to support people who wish to find alternatives to euthanasia. An elderly, disabled, or injured pet can often live a high quality life for many years with the help and support and products that they need, from diapers, to a rear-support harness, to a wheelchair.

This site was created in memory of my beloved Keeshond, Mercedes, who had been diagnosed with epilepsy. The vet’s advice was to euthanize her. Years later, a dear friend, was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy for which she is treated with medication. The disparity between the two reactions to the same disease was unacceptable. I created the site to give caretakers the information they need to make the difficult, loving decisions that face them.

Today, more than fifteen years later, our website contains many stories of hope and healing as well as the products, services, and support that a caretaker of a handicapped pet needs. People are welcome to submit their inventions and devices which can be distributed through the site. The discussion area contains over 90,000 messages from people helping one another. The gallery has photos and stories submitted by caretakers. Listings of caring vets, animal rehabilitation centers, holistic healers, and animal communicators, and more are all available.

Best Regards,
Mark C. Robinson

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