Adapting to the Dog Cart


On a recent survey of Dog Wheelchair Owners we asked:
Did the dog adapt quickly to the Dog Wheelchair?
What tips would you have for a first time user of the dog wheelchair to get the dog used to it?

- She adapted pretty quickly A few treats come in handy. [Yup! It's a Golden!]

French Bulldog - It took him a month or two. He still cannot use it in the grass because his front muscles aren't built up enough to pull himself. He also cannot use it in the house because he hits legs of chairs, tables, etc and gets caught. Tips: Start out by using it outdoors in an open space. I started in the house and he ran into the table and it scared him. It took a long time for him to not be frightened of it. Use treats as a reward for moving a inches, then feet, etc. He will eventually get used to it.

Lab - He is still getting used to it. Need to make sure all harnesses are tight fitting. The guide showing how to make sure it is set up correctly was helpful. Website was very helpful. I later purchased a second rear harness so I have a clean one if he messes on it. Could have a section to purchase parts separately. I am a 49 year old female. I live alone, so lifting a 110 lb lab a couple times a day was a chore. Putting him down was not an option. He is 14 years old but has plenty of life left. It is as good for me as it is for him. It has given him a purpose again.

German Shepherd - just give small treats while opening box, taking out, putting together, putting on through the whole process so he associates with rewards

Pomeranian - Yes, a couple of days of use and she was on her own. A leash tied to the front harness to help her to get started. The rear harness works for quick walks when I get home late and she's gotta go!! It gives my dog the mobility she deserves and has helped me to take care of her.

Pug - The first day he did not think much and stopped every few feet. The second day he was walking fast and at times running.

Pug - Buster adapted right away. We strapped him in, and he was off! Did take a little while to adjust to turns, as he did not realize how much wider he was in his "chariot".

German Shepherd - Easy to assemble and folds up. It means we can now take our dog out on walks which we hadn't been able to do for a number of months. It gave back my "little Man's" mobility and made him much happier.

Shih Tzu - Adapted pretty good except the winter months limited the use of it. We use is outdoors only for the most part.

German Shepherd - Took about 2 minutes for the Dog to catch on.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Faster than we thought (she's a bit of an anxious dog). Once we pulled out the dog biscuits, she forgot about her new wheels and simply raced over to get the biscuit.

Dachshund - My dog adapted to the wheelchair and usually only uses it when we take him outside into the yard on nice days. My dog is an old dog, so isn't very active. In the house, he prefers to hop with front feet and drag along the rear quarters.

Poodle mix - He did great right away. My dog can walk again!

Welsh Corgi - Corky would only move backwards initially, but after using treats we got him to move forward. You should start with short time periods and build up to help with stamina of front legs. Plus keep watch if yard has steps or incline.

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